Farah Hossain

My husband and I went to grab dinner here tonight and I can say we both loved it! We walked in to the aroma of Indian spices, it pretty much made us even hungrier than we had anticipated. The husband chose to try the lamb dosa and I had the veggie thali and a soup on the side. The husband thought the lamb dosa was good, the portion of meat generous, but he did miss the gravy that is found in traditional lamb “curry”. Although you have to note that it wasn’t a curry he was getting. It’s more of a minced filling! I loved the soup I got! Perfect combo of spices and lentils. It was very chilly today so I appreciated the warmth. I loved the veggie thali. Everything I tasted was great! Fresh, yummy and hit the spot, I didn’t even miss the meat! Can’t wait to go back!


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